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Darts N Stuff Amusements, in partnership with bars where we operate pool tables, is
happy to provide league service to bars as well as patrons. We offer In-House and
Traveling Pool Leagues. In-house Leagues always play out of their home location.
Traveling leagues play out of their home location approximately half of the time and are
away for the other half. Our current Leagues play on Tuesday nights with the typical
season running from October to March. We will create posters, set up a league, and
take care of stats. Leagues are normally formatted to be played by 8-ball rules with four
person teams and a sixteen game format. However, formats can be changed
depending on the area and interest.  Players are also sanctioned and qualify for the
VNEA World Championships held in Las Vegas. If you are interested in joining a qualifying
league or starting a qualifying league in your area, please give us a call at 1-800-884-8055.

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